Ferrari have said the repair bill for their cars in the first half of 2021 is €2.5m, which could be crucial considering the cost cap.

Most of the damage bill comes from Charles Leclerc, who has been involved in two large accidents in 2021 – in Monaco and Hungary. He also crashed in FP3 at Imola, while teammate Carlos Sainz has cost his team money at Baku and Hungary.

Mattia Binotto has said the combined cost of these crashes skyrockets to 2.5 million Euros, roughly 2.1 million Pounds or 2.9 million US Dollars.

“If I look at the damage we had so far since the very first race we had in Bahrain up to the last race in Hungary, if I count all damages we have on track, it’s more than 2.5 million Euros,” he said.

“That’s showing how significant they are, and it’s only half of the season. Obviously, there’s been a lot of discussions and still as well discussion ongoing, if there is a crash, there is a guilty driver and you are not at fault, if you have been damaged, should that be exempt from budget cap?”

The budget cap for 2021 is $145 million, meaning about 2% of Ferrari’s money has gone into repairing cars.

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