Nicolas Latifi secured his first points finish with Williams Racing at the Hungarian GP last weekend. The CEO and team principal Jost Capito has divulged that his performance last race proves that he deserves his seat in F1.

Latifi drove a difficult race at Hungary but managed to secure a P7 finish ahead of his teammate George Russell, who is expected to fill in for the second seat at Mercedes next season.

His race was tough as he spent most of his race defending from faster cars behind him, he faced further complications as he drove the entire length of the race with a ‘rain spec’ helmet. This helmet is designed to wet conditions and lacks vents for ventilation. This forced the Canadian to drive with his visor slightly open to prevent suffocation.

Latifi was sitting in P3 in the opening stages the race, after the red flag. Capito has reflected on this performance and has praised his driver for delivering under pressure.

“I was impressed with how Nicky brought it home amid the pressure of running in the points comfortably for the first time. At one point, he was third. To keep his head down and deliver was very impressive. It shows how much Nicky deserves to be in F1.”

The Canadian has been struggling to match his teammate in pace, especially on Saturdays during F1’s qualifying sessions. Capito is sure that Latifi’s performance in the race at Hungary will reassure his confidence as a driver despite lacking to his teammate ever since his debut.

“This was the first time Nicky scored points in F1 – and it had to come. I’m sure it will be a big boost for him and give him a lot of self-confidence. Qualifying behind George and the finishing ahead for sure is a big motivator for him.”

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