Adrian Newey believes that the political attacks towards Red Bull Racing have never been on such a high level as in 2021.

This year’s Formula 1 campaign has had quite a lot of challenges for Red Bull Racing. Alongside tight competition with Mercedes, the Milton Keynes-based team has also had to face some action from the FIA, including new flexi-wing regulations and new pit stop procedures. The technical chief Newey believes that the team has never had something like that.

“In many ways, it is a compliment to the team to find ourselves under such scrutiny from others,” he said.

“We have experienced this before but I can’t remember a time when we have received the same level of behind the scenes politicking and lobbying against our car.

“Possibly if you look back to when we were exploring aeroelastics in 2010 / 2011 then we were under constant scrutiny and would adapt to each changing set of regulations. We’ve been here before in the last championship battles with Ferrari which involved some rows over bodywork flexibility as well.”

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