Toto Wolff believes that Mercedes still needs to catch the opponents despite getting two race wins in a row.

The first half of the 2021 season was a big challenge for the reigning champions Mercedes as they were losing in both championships at some point. However, they got back on track after Lewis Hamilton’s two consecutive victories. At the same time, the team principal Wolff thinks that they still are behind.

“I think we are the hunter, we approach this with fun. There is nothing for lose for us because we have a deficit towards our competitors,” he said.

“So we have just to win and continue the journey with great anticipation, enjoy every single race. We can try to do the best possible job and hopefully, that’s enough to really compete for the championship until the very end of the season.”

Wolff had also made some comparisons of 2021, 2019, and 2018 seasons.

“The last few months have been really intense. We had a good period in early Spring, we were able to compete strongly in Portimao and Barcelona and then we had a few races that were really bad, starting with Monaco and then Baku,” he commented.

“But since then, we have somehow found our grip, we have learned, we have discovered how our car performs on the new tires and I think we returned to a much better place in Silverstone and in Hungary.

“The season is very intense but also 2018, and particularly 2019, when we were fighting Ferrari, it was very difficult at times. We were really pushing the boundaries and that also means pushing each other almost to breaking point in order to win the championship.

“The hopes are one thing, the expectations are another thing and the reality can be a different thing too.”

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