Danilo Petrucci has voiced his discontent at the amateurism of KTM, saying that they would not even answer his phone calls.

Yesterday Raul Fernandez was announced to step up to MotoGP in a new Tech3 line-up. In Saturday’s press conference he said he did not want to be moved up and was unhappy at the decision.

Today after the Styrian Grand Prix, Petrucci has become the second KTM rider to announce his discontent with the team. Petrucci, out of a contract next season, has shared his surprise and disappointment with the KTM higher-ups.

“I am not at all surprised by the news,” Petrucci said of Fernandez’s signing. “I was perhaps the only one or one of the few who understood the situation. Because as I have said several times when someone never answers your phone, they certainly don’t want to renew your contract.

“I would have waited a few hours before doing what they did, but that’s how it went. I’m not surprised. I was and I was the first to say that Fernandez deserved MotoGP. I’ve said it in all the interviews I’ve done. KTM, in their interviews, spoke as if nothing had been decided, instead it was all decided for some time.”

Petrucci finished last of the classified finishers on Sunday at the Styrian GP, 8 seconds adrift of Cal Crutchlow.

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