Bernie Ecclestone does not support Liberty Media’s approach to Formula 1 race broadcasts and social media.

Liberty Media has been in charge of Formula 1 since 2017 and a lot of things have changed in this time period. The championship became much closer to the audience thanks to social media. Furthermore, the F1TV streaming service, which allows the fans to watch any race on any device, has also been introduced. However, former F1 CEO Ecclestone does not like these changes as well as some others.

“I wouldn’t bother the rule with the cost cap,. The manufacturers would find the way to spend their money anyway. I liked the old F1 logo better, but this is not important. I liked grid girls too,” he said in an interview with Akrapovic.

“What I don’t like is Formula 1 races on the telephones and small devices. I believe sport events are much better seen on the big screen. The sponsors don’t like small monitors, you can’t read their logos on the cars or around the circuit. They will soon ask themselves why spend so much money on something nobody can really see,” Ecclestone added.

“And I don’t understand what social media does. I don’t think you can make people more interested in Formula 1 through social media. So I think Liberty didn’t really know what it bought. American people are not mad for Formula 1.”

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