Alonso: Not being British will make Verstappen’s fight more difficult

Fernando Alonso in Hungary. Credits: Alpine – Twitter.

Following the Silverstone clash with Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso admitted thinking that being a non-British driver will make Max Verstappen’s title quest even more difficult.

As all the attention was riveted on the Hamilton-Verstappen Silverstone collision, Red Bull and Mercedes were also pointing the finger at each other, trying to destabilize their rival and gain the mental edge. 

The fans were given the opportunity to choose between Mercedes and Red Bull, Hamilton and Verstappen, the legend and the youngster, and this massive involvement surrounding the Silverstone clash of the championship contenders is probably also the main reason behind the boos directed to Hamilton in Hungary.

Alonso spoke on the situation, stating that being a non-British driver was probably a disadvantage for Verstappen and that he is able to feel his current situation, regarding his championship fights with Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.

“I feel probably what the other [is] experiencing now. Especially Max, because he’s the younger guy fighting with a legend, with a champion. He’s not British so it will be always more difficult for him.”

A few days after these statements, some debates were raised around the Spaniard’s comments. The 40-year-old further explained what he meant.

“The teams they are British, most of the journalists and media attention, TV crews, everyone comes from the UK,” Alonso said.

“I have the impression always when things get a little bit spicy or tense in the title fight, this sport, it is a British environment.

“Understandably, there is a little bit of preference on the guy from your country that can be competitive and keep winning.

“When I saw the Silverstone thing [the collision involving Verstappen and Hamilton] or when I see Verstappen get some questions, I understand his position for sure.

“It is what I felt when I was racing and it seems like I was the bad guy in Formula 1 when I was trying to fight against, normally British guys.”

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