Andrew Shovlin admits that Mercedes did not expect that Red Bull will not use maximum downforce rear wing set-up.

At last weekend’s Hungarian GP, Red Bull Racing struggled with car balance. More than that, they did not use the maximum downforce rear wing, which was quite unusual for Hungaroring. Mercedes trackside engineering director Shovlin reveals that Mercedes was not expecting such a decision, especially on the track that was fitting the Milton Keynes-based team.

“Yes, because we thought this was a circuit that should suit them. The other thing that always worries us when we come to a max downforce circuit is that we’re frequently running around on our max downforce wing, and then they bring it out for Monaco and this place,” he said.

“But maybe they couldn’t balance that, they went away from it on Saturday and for us, it seems odd that you would ever run anything other than your biggest rear wing here. 

“We don’t profess to know why they are taking decisions on that car, but it could be that they were just struggling to get enough front-end on it on the big wing so they dropped down to the smaller one.”

Furthermore, Shovlin confirms that Mercedes needs to analyze what has helped them be quick in Hungary.

“That’s something we need to look at over the next few days. We’re down to pretty small developments now, to be honest, but we did have the update kit in Silverstone and that does look like it’s given us some useful performance,” he commented.

“But then the car was working well here with where it was maintaining its tire temperatures and we had quite a nice balance with it. To be honest, we’re surprised by it ourselves. It’s a pleasant surprise, by we’re surprised to have had that margin to pole for instance.”

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