Williams no longer happy with position outside points – Capito

Nicholas Latifi (CDN) Williams Racing celebrates his eighth position with Jost Capito (GER) Williams Racing Chief Executive Officer. Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday 1st August 2021. Budapest, Hungary. Credits: Williams.

In line with the new Williams owner’s lofty ambitions, team principal Jost Capito revealed that they will no longer be satisfied with a result outside the top 10.

The Hungarian Grand Prix allowed Williams to reach a big milestone that they have been envying since the 2019 German Grand Prix and Robert Kubica’s point-scoring performance.

To top it all off, the Grove-based team did not just put one of their drivers inside the top 10, but two of them, scoring 10 points in one single race. Following this amazing performance, George Russell shed tears during a post-race interview, testifying the impact of this amazing performance on the team’s morale.

Looking at his experience as a team principal, Capito could feel Williams’ current extraordinary momentum, pointing out that any performance outside the points now rhymes with frustration.

“It means a lot for the team to get the first points, especially after scoring zero points last year, being so close this year to getting one point. We got six points and in the end it looks like being 10 points and this is a fantastic result and one we were waiting for,” Capito told F1.com. 

“We always said the points will come. And when they finally came, for us, it was like a victory.“

“A few months ago, if we got an 11th place finish, everyone would be excited. Now we are disappointed. I’ve seen a change in the team. People are no longer happy with a position outside of the points.”

The team principal also emphasized that Williams’ Hungarian GP performance was not solely up to luck, but also made possible by perfectly oiled communication and decision-making inside the team.

“We are doing things a bit different than we have done before.” 

“We changed the communication and we changed the meetings. We are getting more aligned. Now, there are no surprises and we have very quick communication lines for when we have to take decisions.”

“There were a lot of quick decisions that had to be taken, and if one of them had been wrong, we wouldn’t have been in the points. Beside the luck we had not being involved in the accidents on lap one, we needed to get all these decisions completely right to get into the points. It would be wrong to say it’s just luck.”

“It was the tire choice before the race, then the red flag, then the situation with George in the pit lane, then we saw he might get a fuel issue and stopping after the finishing line.”

“We won’t always get points, but we want points. To get the points Hungary, it is the confirmation that we can do. The number of points doesn’t matter. It’s about the execution. And we executed the race well in Hungary.”

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