Juan Manuel Correa was involved in a fatal accident for Anthoine Hubert in 2019 while fighting in the F2 championship in Spa-Francorchamps. Correa has shared that Jack Aitken’s crash at Raidillon has served as a haunting flashback to his incident.

Aitken took part in last week’s 24 Hours of Spa and was a part of a serious crash at Raidillon that involved 3 other drivers. There is no set date for his return as he suffers from a fractured vertebra and a broken collar bone.

Correa has explained that the famous Raidillon Eau-Rouge is a series of daunting turns and requires more safety to prevent another serious incident. The American Ecuadorian was very logically shocked after witnessing the brutality of Aitken’s accident and revealed already being in advanced discussions with the FIA to improve safety around the corner.

“The accident occurred almost two years after my own accident at the same notorious Raidillon-Eau Rouge turn in the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, where I suffered serious injuries from which I am still recovering and the motorsport community tragically lost fellow driver Anthoine Hubert. The images of the crash are therefore particularly haunting,” Correa said.

“Since my accident, I have raised various concerns with the FIA and organizers about track and driver safety. I have offered to share information from my own experience. I have been seeking answers about what happened, why, and what steps the FIA and other stakeholders have taken to make safety improvements to avoid another driver from suffering a serious injury in similar circumstances.

“At this time discussions are ongoing with relevant stakeholders to try and resolve my concerns. I am confident those discussions will reach a constructive conclusion and I will be in a better position to comment in the coming weeks.”

Michael Masi also shared his opinion after concerns were raised following the GT accident and believes that Spa is a “grade one” circuit that meets FIA’s safety requirements and is fit to host a Grand Prix.

“There’s been some works that have been undertaken at Spa in a number of areas. But the Spa circuit holds a current grade one.

“There are a few changes, improvements that are made year on year. But I think the way that it is, it’s safe from an FIA perspective.”

Callum Illot, a test driver for Alfa Romeo, has agreed with Correa’s take on the safety of Eau-Rouge and also hopes for some corrective measures: “I would also like to say that there needs to be a change at this corner and I’m very surprised nothing has changed yet. Enough is enough”

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