Williams has confirmed there is not enough time to build a ‘mule car’ to test the 2022 tires in Abu Dhabi.

It comes after their new owners Dorilton Capital tried feverishly to make one before the final round, so the team would not come into the new season at a disadvantage. The new tires for next season are 18 inches, as opposed to this years’ 13-inch rubber. Despite working to see if they could make a mule car in time, Dave Robson has confirmed it is too tough a task.

“We won’t be running a mule car in Abu Dhabi,” Robson said. “Ideally you would have the mule car and you would do that running and get the learning for yourself, but the parts you need to make, particularly the wheels, you needed to have sorted that out so long in advance when we just didn’t have the time or the resource to do it.”

“So it’s a kind of decision that was made a long time ago that’s now irreversible. We still get decent amounts of data from Pirelli and we can do laboratory tests on the tyres, so it’ll be a small disadvantage but I think we’ll quite quickly make that up.”

Williams scored their first points since 2019 at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with 10 points being taken from a hugely successful weekend for the team. They have turned their full attention to their 2022 car and will hope to fight for points and podiums next year.

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