Gasly: We almost overperformed in Hungary

Gasly and Vettel at the end of the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix. Credits: Red Bull content pool.

Taking a retrospective look at his performance during the Hungarian Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly thinks he and Yuki Tsunoda “almost overperformed”, although a very unlucky race start put lead in their wings.

Pierre Gasly once again managed to squeeze everything out of his car on Saturday, to qualify on top of the midfield, ahead of Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc. The Frenchman started the race from fifth position and had a decent impulsion but nothing like Norris’ brilliant start at lights out.

Approaching turn one, Gasly had a heavy front-axle lock up and narrowly crashed with Sergio Perez. To avoid the collision, the Alpha Tauri driver had to exit the track but was then hindered on his way back to the racing line by the multi-car accident that put five cars out of the debate. He finally managed to recover from his early mistake, in last position.

Gasly, on the right side of the video, has to avoid the multi-car accident to make himself a way back to the track.

“The target was to qualify ahead of the midfield to be in the best position possible for the race. That’s what we [did]. And in the end in this situation, I think we almost overperformed, qualified ahead of the Ferrari and McLaren and it would have been better to be in our position and slightly more to the back and benefit from this situation,” Gasly said, pointing out his early positioning misfortune that destroyed all his qualifying effort.

“I don’t know what to say except that Valtteri f*cked up and took pretty much the first six cars out of the race,” Gasly said. “Luckily we didn’t get damage from this compared to Max, Lando, or Sergio.”

Gasly also emphasized the luck factor that can lead you to glory as well as it can take you down like it was unfortunately the case for him today. Almost one year ago, just like Ocon, Gasly benefitted from a very well-placed red flag to take over the first position of the Italian Grand Prix, and just like Ocon managed to hold on to his position for dozens of laps to eventually seize his first F1 victory.

“You never know when these things will happen but it is just a shame from the first corner we were last on such a track it is extremely difficult to recover. I think we had a very good day to finish P6, we managed to get the fastest lap. But obviously, looking at the podium, it’s a bit disappointing because I just think that there was more to do if it would have been slightly more lucky at the start.”

“I think that some got more lucky than others with what’s happened at the start. But they did after that very good race to keep the lead, doing all the race and working.”

“You need to be there when these opportunities happen. It’s not an easy win even when this happens. They did the job so congratulations to them.”

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