Valtteri Bottas’ crash in Hungary will not influence who gets the second Mercedes seat next year, Toto Wolff has confirmed.

The accident, dubbed “bowling practice” by some drivers, eliminated Lando Norris and Sergio Perez from the race, as well as damaging Max Verstappen’s car. Wolff has confirmed that despite his disappointment in Bottas, it won’t influence the team’s lineup choice.

“The mistake was unfortunate with big consequences,” he said. “He got sandwiched by the two cars in front, lost all downforce, and then it was already too late. It doesn’t influence at all the decision.”

Bottas has said he felt disappointed in his Hungary crash, as he sits fourth in the title, behind midfield runner Norris, who was on a 15-race points streak until he was taken out by the Mercedes.

“At least in the last few races, it feels like it’s been slightly positive, getting some podiums and more points,” Bottas said. “But now I have three DNFs, which is quite a lot in terms of points, so it’s not been great. But there’s still more than half to go in terms of the number of races and we keep going.”

Formula 1 has just begun its summer shutdown and there will be no racing until the Belgian Grand Prix in more than three weeks’ time.

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