Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari was one of the casualties from the turn 1 incident at the Hungarian GP and Mattia Binotto has spoken out regarding the damages, explaining that the drivers causing the incidents should pay the price.

The last race in Hungary saw 6 cars being forced to retire at the first turn. The two drivers who caused the collisions are Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll and Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas. Naturally, Ferrari was forced to pay a hefty price for Stroll’s misjudgment. Not only was the team compromised in a race that looked strong for them, but they also need to be expending their money on the damage caused to Leclerc’s car.

With the budget regulations, teams are strapped for money and massive costs for fixing their car will take their toll on the expenses. Christian Horner also agreed with this as he explained that many teams will be having to pay for other’s mistakes which in turn will hurt their chances to fight for the world championship.

“Obviously you’ve got to look at what’s within the cap. It’s spare parts and it’s the engines as well, which is particularly concerning. I think we need to revisit this with the FIA because ultimately is something that can affect all teams, not just Red Bull.”

Similar to the Ferrari’s situation, Red Bull also had to spend a burdensome amount on fixing Max Verstappen’s car after his crash at the British GP. Red Bull will once again be forced to spend to fix their cars after Bottas “misjudged” his braking and took out both the Red Bulls along with Lando Norris’ McLaren.

Both Horner and Binotto are quite frustrated by this as they will have to rework their budget allocations to tackle these unforeseen expenditures.

Horner’s frustration was made clear when he joked if Toto Wolff would be paying their damage costs. Horner also stated that this is something that needs to be looked into by the FIA: “It’s brutal under the cost cap. I think it re-affirms that when you have an incident that isn’t your fault, that we’re paying a significant price for that and that’s something that isn’t budgeted for.

“It is something that I think does need to be looked at in greater detail by the FIA.”

While Horner’s request is out of the ordinary, it seems as other teams are willing to consider it. This was re-affirmed by Binotto as he said there would be value in such a discussion with the FIA. He, however, felt that the driver must pay the cost of the damage rather than his team.

“I think there is value for discussions in the near future with the other team principals, FIA and F1,” Binotto said.

“Obviously if you’re not guilty, having such damage in the budget cap is something which is even more of a consequence now.

“Should we add exemptions? I’m not sure that’s the solution. I think it may be very difficult to be policed.

“But I think that what we may consider is that if a driver is faulty, the team of the driver should pay at least to the other teams for the damages and repairs. That will make the drivers more responsible.”

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