Red Bull team principal Christian Horner confirmed that grid penalties are very likely for the Red Bull duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez after they headed into the Hungarian GP on the maximum allowance for various power unit parts.

With 12 more rounds to go after the summer break, Horner admitted that the chances of going throughout the rest of the season without a fourth engine for either driver was very little.

“[The situation is] hugely frustrating for Honda because it’s not due to reliability. It’s because of accidents that we haven’t caused so they’re feeling the brunt of this as well as we are on the chassis side,” Horner said.

“We’ve got a shedload of accident damage and potentially two engines that we’ve lost, due to the result of actions of other drivers.”

F1 this year has a budget cap, limiting teams spending to $145m, including damages from on-track incidents, which puts Red Bull in a difficult position, coming off the back of recent incidents.

“It’s not to be underestimated on the cost cap side, it’s something that does need to be looked at because in a cost cap environment it’s brutal the incidents that we’ve had during the last couple of weeks,” Horner explained.

“You’ve got to look at what’s within the [budget] cap. It’s spare parts, and it’s the engines as well, that are particularly concerning so I think we need as to revisit this with the FIA. Ultimately it’s something that can affect all teams, not just not just Red Bull.”

“It [Perez’s engine] lost all of its water immediately so we will have to look into more detail, but the initial reports are it’s no longer been serviced,” Horner concluded.

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