Red Bull team principal Christian Horner pointed out his great disappointment looking at the strong damages inflicted to his cars by Valtteri Bottas.

Yesterday’s Hungarian Grand Prix took off to a chaotic start following the two mistakes of Lance Stroll and Valtteri Bottas. Both drivers misjudged their braking zone and crashed into competitors.

Bottas first pushed Lando Norris’ car into Verstappen’s RB16B before ricocheting into Sergio Perez’s car, damaging the engine of the Mexican driver. Verstappen was luckier than his counterpart and could resume his race after the neutralization of the event, although the performances of his single-seater were strongly restricted.

Following this chaotic race that will once again cost a lot of money and working hours to Red Bull, Horner had some tough words to share, throwing a stone at Mercedes.

“I would think Mercedes… he’s done a good job for them today, hasn’t he?” the team principal said, talking about Bottas.

“That’s the brutality of racing, isn’t it?”

“We’ve had some hugely bad luck the last couple of races. It’s been pretty brutal in damage and parts and engines.”

“I think that, unfortunately, you saw Valtteri make a poor start, he obviously misjudged his braking and he’s done a great job for Mercedes in taking out both of our cars.”

“We lost another engine with Sergio and obviously Max was then hugely compromised.”

“But we’ll push ourselves down and we will come out fighting for the second half of this championship because obviously it’s been a tough couple of weeks but things can turn around very quickly, as you’ve just seen. And there’s a long way to go in the championship.”

Red Bull lost the lead in both constructors’ and drivers’ championships following their disastrous Hungarian outing and will have a tough season end in sight as the lead they could build throughout the first season half has now been reduced to nothing. 

The five-place grid drop inflicted to Bottas for the Belgian Grand Prix should give Red Bull a more breathable race start, although the championship fight is still roaring between Hamilton and Verstappen.

“The penalty is what it is. Unfortunately, if it was a track like this one it’s obviously a bit more consequential, a track like Spa I would think he’ll be back in position by the end of the second lap,” Horner said, reacting to Bottas’ penalty.

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