Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said he is happy the upgrades introduced for Silverstone have proved effective in Hungary so far.

The upgrades are due to be the final ones for the W12 this season, as the team shifts to preparing for the upcoming rule changes next year. Red Bull are understood to be upgrading their car continuously until they are confident Max Verstappen can win the title. Wolff has said he is happy the upgrades have cut the deficit to Red Bull.

“I think the upgrade in sheer downforce numbers wasn’t huge,” he said. “But the impact it had on the car’s performance was good and positive. The correlation came in spot on, and I think we learned a little bit more how the car performs set-up wise too. It’s great to see a consolidation of that performance here in Hungary.”

Speaking on the race, Wolff said he hopes the medium tire will give his team an edge in the first stint, as Red Bull’s soft will wear out quicker.

“If we are ahead with two cars, then we have more strategy variance that we can play,” he said. “But if it is a two-stop race, then it doesn’t make a lot of difference whether you start on the softs or the mediums.”

The big question mark is the weather ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The radar says the blue striped wet tires will be in demand come the race start in less than an hour.

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