Sebastian Vettel has lost his 2nd place finish at Hungaroring and is disqualified from the race.

Big drama came to the Aston Martin on Sunday evening – after a brilliant drive, which has given Vettel a 2nd place finish, he has been disqualified from the race. The reason for that is the fact that there has not been enough fuel in the no.5 car to take a sample at the checkered flag.

“During the hearing in presence of the FIA Technical Delegate and the FIA Technical Director the team principal of Aston Martin stated that there must be 1,44 litres left in the tank, but they are not able to get it out. This figure is calculated using the FFM or injector model.

“Given this situation, car No. 5 is not in compliance with the requirements of Art. 6.6 FIA Technical Regulations. According to Art. 6.6.2 competitors must ensure that a 1.0 litre sample of fuel may be taken from the car at any time. The procedure was followed however the 1.0 litre sample of fuel was unable to be taken.

“The Stewards determine to apply the standard penalty for technical infringements. Therefore they took into account, that it shall be no defence to claim that no performance advantage was obtained,” mentioned in the statement.

This decision promotes Lewis Hamilton to second place in the race classification as well as Carlos Sainz get a podium. Kimi Raikkonen has now scored a point for Alfa Romeo Racing as he is now 10th.

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