Max Verstappen led the Championship before the race in Hungary. However, an unexpected collision with Lando Norris ruined the Dutchman’s chances to increase his gap to Lewis Hamilton.

The race in Hungary had all drivers starting on the Intermediate tire compound as a consequence of the pre-race weather conditions. As the lights went green, Verstappen, Hamilton, and Norris seemed to start perfectly as they were battling for the top 3 positions heading into turn 1.

Valtteri Bottas, accidentally, got off to a horrible start and hoped to cover some ground by out-braking Norris into turn 1. The Finnish driver was unable to slow his car down sufficiently and ended up in Norris’ rear. Verstappen also suffered from this collision as Norris crashed into the right side on his RB16B.

Verstappen explained that the incident was unavoidable but was at a loss in explaining his ability to fight for Championship points in this race.

“This moment is just disappointing. When we go again after the summer break, I will be back and will do my best. I hope my car will be competitive, we’ll see. It’s a lot of weird moments that cost us hefty points.”

As for the damage he faced, Verstappen revealed that it was impossible to drive the race he wanted to today as the right side of his car was nearly missing.

“Taken out again by a Mercedes. This is not what you want. I missed the whole side of my car; the floor was damaged as well. It was almost impossible to drive, to be honest. I did my best and scored one point so at least it’s something, but not what we want.”

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