Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner expressed his concern at the financial implications of the frequent crashes the Haas rookies get into, stating that he is concerned by the rising repair bill.

Mick Schumacher’s spin into a barrier at turn 11 during practice ahead of the Hungarian GP caused the German to skip qualifying and start the race from last place while Mazepin was involved in incidents of his own in the past. This caused Steiner to advise caution to his drivers.

“By now we should know where we stand,” Steiner said. “So obviously we need to learn out of this or they need to learn out of this. We had a few [incidents] and, it was okay, so we need to get better at this.”

Steiner made it clear that the rookie duo’s lack of experience does not excuse the amount of damage caused, and that they must work on it, during the era of cost-caps.

“In the moment obviously we feel it, we can still deal with it, but soon we will be in a position where we need to find new ways to overcome this because they are getting a little bit too frequent and too heavy,” the team principal added.

“Obviously the budget is the budget and you need to stick to it or you’ll always have to have ideas how to get around it when you have these accidents.

“If you have a spin or something like this that, that happens. But these accidents are quite heavy, it’s a lot of money and for no good reason. So we have to work on it to get better on that one,” Steiner concluded.

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