Lewis Hamilton has said that some comments made by Red Bull caused the crowd to boo him on Saturday.

Hamilton took his 101st pole position in Hungary yesterday, but it was met with a very frosty reception by the crowd in the grandstands as they booed the Mercedes driver. He has said that he believes Red Bull is the underlying cause of the unhappy fans.

“It’s not a surprise to me given the things that have been said from the heads of that team that has incited that,” he said. “I think over this break people really need to look within the things that have been said, because it is unacceptable the things that have been said – on top of that, the things that have escalated, the fire that it’s caused.

“They’ve just had to fire someone for things that were said, I don’t know who it was about, it doesn’t matter who it was about. If I pass it to my friend or my father or my brother, we all feel that pain of what they meant by those words.

“I’m a sporting fan. I’ve never booed any team in any other sport because it’s just not in my character. Of course, I want one team to win more than another or something like that. But I’ve seen that I’ve grown up around it, we know what it is.

“But we do have to be so careful with our words. Particularly as there are young kids watching. We’re supposed to be shining light and encouraging people out there and spreading positivity,” he concluded.

If Hamilton wins this race, it will mean that he will at least be within one point of the title lead as F1 heads into the summer break.

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