Sebastian Vettel revealed he wanted more during the Hungarian GP as he felt faster than Esteban Ocon.

The Hungarian Grand Prix will remain in the history books as one of the most eventful races of the twenty-first century. Following a dramatic first-lap incident that caught many of the most talented drivers amongst the grid by surprise, Vettel and Ocon took the lead of the race.

Both men closely followed each other throughout the race as the German even tried an undercut on the Frenchman at the mid-race mark. Nonetheless, the strategy did not work as expected after a difficult pitstop for the Aston Martin driver. Taking a retrospective look at his performance, Vettel could not hide a slight disappointment but was nonetheless pleased by his positive performance.

“We are very close to Esteban in terms of pace. I pushed hard and tried to get him to do mistakes,” Vettel admitted.

“I’m obviously a little bit disappointed because I thought I was faster during the race but Esteban didn’t make any mistake and I didn’t get close enough. It’s not en easy track to overtake, I pushed hard but he stayed on track.”

“It’s a great result for us but when it’s that close, for sure you’re looking at the win rather than second.”

Although he could not hide being a little disappointed, true to himself, the Formula One veteran did not forget to point out the solid performance of his Alpine rival after spending a race almost wheel to wheel with the Frenchman.

“But like I said, he did well to defend the way he did and not run into mistakes.”

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