Aston Martin is going to appeal the stewards’ decision to disqualify Sebastian Vettel from the Hungarian GP.

Shortly after it has been announced that Sebastian Vettel is disqualified from the Hungarian GP, the story developed. Aston Martin has notified the stewards that they will appeal the decision.

“The Stewards have received a Notice of Intention of Appeal from Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team (“Aston Martin”) at 22:14 hours on 1st August 2021 against Stewards Decision No 59.

In this context, the FIA Technical Department representatives were asked by the Stewards to seal and impound Car 5 until such time as the Notice of Appeal is received or the FIA International Court of Appeal makes any determinations as relevant.

In making this determination, Aston Martin hereby declare that the removal of the various components to safely transport Car 5 to the FIA facility in no way compromises the evidence and has no impact upon the matter being appealed,” mentioned in the statement.

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