Fernando Alonso looks to capitalize from possible troubles upfront on the opening lap of the Hungarian GP.

After a dramatic lap 1 of the British GP, everyone anticipates seeing what is going to happen on Sunday at Hungaroring. Alonso, who starts the race 9th believes that this will be an opportunity to improve the position.

“I think it is going to be hotter in front of us. We will try to recover places. I think we can,” he said.

“In my case, I start on the clean side. This is one of the circuits that it is more noticeable starting on the clean side.

“My wish is to finish a little bit higher in the first lap. But I think we need to be careful because in front of us…I think something could happen tomorrow [on Sunday] again.

“We have Max starting on the red tire, Lewis on the yellow. We have [Sergio Perez, fourth], [Pierre] Gasly also. Behind them, [Lando] Norris and [Charles] Leclerc, which are some of the best starters. The first corner is going to be a little bit of action.

“We need to be clever to stay out of any trouble and benefit from whatever happens in front. We want a clean first lap because maybe there are some positions that come for free.”

At the same time, the Spaniard admits that he will be happy to score any points.

“I will love to be in the points tomorrow – whatever position but in the points. We’ve been scoring for many, many races already. We start in eighth and ninth so maybe we are not too far from what we could achieve.

“But there are cars behind us, especially Ricciardo starting 11th, probably with a harder compound etc, that will be difficult to manage to stay in front of him.”

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