The Alfa Romeo drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi regret their performance at the Hungarian GP, as they say they had the opportunity to score points but dropped to an unrecoverable situation.

The Hungarian race began with a major incident on lap 1 of the event, taking multiple drivers out of the race and allowing the midfield to capitalize on it. Alfa Romeo was one of the teams that managed to get into the point-scoring positions but then dropped later on due to penalties.

“The start of the race was a bit what you would expect in these conditions,” Raikkonen said, “with a hectic first lap and lots of things happening.

“We looked quite OK until the penalty, which pretty much compromised our race. There was an issue with the traffic light release system and we ended up colliding with Mazepin. Up until the penalty, we were deep in the points, but making it back from the bottom was just too much.”

Antonio Givoinazzi said “it just wasn’t our day. It was a race where we had the chance to bring home a good result and we didn’t, but it is what it is.

“With the penalty after the restart, our race was pretty much compromised. It’s hard to say how much pace we really had as I spent a lot of time in traffic, but when in clean air we were pretty good, so it’s disappointing not to finish in the points.”

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