Jack Aitken should exit the hospital today or tomorrow following his horrific crash at Spa. The Briton suffered collarbone and vertebra fractures.

Following a terrible accident at the exit of the Raidillon, Aitken and Davide Rigon were brought to the hospital. Aitken’s car was hit multiple times and pictures of the wrecked machine let the fans expect worrying news to be announced.

Kevin Estre, who was also involved in the multi-car incident, explained how the crash felt from his cockpit.

“I was behind Nick Tandy and down in Eau Rouge, and there was the Ferrari just in front of him on the normal racing line. I was also normal on the racing line and then suddenly I saw a lot of smoke and a lot of debris in front of me over the crest,” Estre said.

“It was quite a big hit, which spun me and brought me into the barrier. Nick could pass I think on the left side. And then there was Perera, which was just behind Aitken with the other Lamborghini, which hit him basically and brought him into me.”

“So I think that’s how it happened, but I’m not sure yet. As I said, I couldn’t really see – we have to wait for the onboard.”

Luckily, all the injuries suffered by the two drivers were “non-life threatening”. Rigon was already discharged from the hospital as Aitken is still under surveillance but in stable condition. This morning, Aitken has finally broken the silence on his condition. The whole ASN team is wishing him a speedy recovery.

“All things considered I feel fine, and quite lucky,” The Williams reserve driver said on Twitter.

“I’ve broken my collarbone, and fractured a vertebrae but it’s stable fortunately.”

“The aim now is to get back to the UK and start to recover as best as possible, and be back in the car soon. I’m sure with the people around me I’ll manage it just fine!”

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