Russell “not happy” with qualifying result

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing FW43B. Hungarian Grand Prix, Saturday 31st July 2021. Budapest, Hungary. Credits: Williams Racing.

Williams driver George Russell expressed his unhappiness with his qualifying result after failing to qualify for Q2 for the first time this season at Hungaroring today.

Despite Williams having its best qualifying performance last season at Hungaroring, with both drivers getting into Q2, this year was the complete opposite as both drivers failed to qualify for Q2.

“Usually I go into qualifying and I’m in a groove and I can just pull the lap out and today I knew when I crossed the line, it just didn’t come together for me. I didn’t have that good feel, that right rhythm with the car, with the tires, and I knew it wasn’t good enough, and usually, it just sort of comes to me much easier,” Russell explained.

“Ahead of the weekend, I thought Q2 would be a breeze. And then for whatever reason, I haven’t had the rhythm I’ve had at other circuits. [It’s] the first time we’ve not made it through to Q2, so we can’t get it right every time.”

Russell was given the nickname ‘Mr.Saturday’ for his qualifying heroics despite his machinery, especially in the 2021 season with the Williams FW43B. When asked about today’s performance, Russell replied, stating that windy conditions were one of the factors he felt hindered the aero-sensitive Williams.

“I’m not too sure, exactly. I mean it’s definitely windier and gustier than it has been at the last four events, which definitely does not play in our favor,” Russell added.

“Obviously I’m not that happy because it’s the first time we have not progressed into Q2 all season, at a circuit where I thought would be our best shot for points.”

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