Nannini takes dominant F3 race 2 win

Matteo Nannini. Credits: Nannini – Twitter.

After a very demanding race under the infernal Hungarian sun, Matteo Nannini claimed the win of the second Formula 3 race. Enzo Fittipaldi and Roman Stanek completed the podium.

Fittipaldi started the race in pole position but was directly put under the threat of Nannini who took an amazing impulsion. The Brazilian got his shoulders out to maintain his advantage at turn one but his Italian opponent did not give up and eventually overtook him after 4 laps of racing.

Victor Martins had a very difficult start, stalling on the grid. The French driver saw all his efforts to make himself a path up the field during race one ruined and was relegated to the last position.

The third lap of racing was also animated by a slight contact between Oliver Rasmussen and Olli Caldwell. The British driver was forced into the pits to replace his damaged front wing and had to pursue his race with the latecomers.

As Nannini was asserting his leading position, ART’s Alexander Smolyar started to become a considerable threat for Stanek. Both drivers were now fighting for a podium spot after the Russian managed to overtake both David Schumacher and Jack Doohan in the opening laps of the event.

Fittipaldi was struggling to keep his position but was asked by his engineer to push as much as he could to put additional pressure on Nannini after the Italian driver was warned twice about track limits

In the five last laps of the race, the battle was roaring between Doohan and Dennis Hauger. Both men had a lot to play for considering their positions in the drivers’ championship, making the single point extremely precious. After a few laps of battle, Doohan eventually had to concede his sixth place to his championship-leading opponent. Things went from bad to worse for Doohan after Hauger overtook him. The Australian driver kept losing positions and was even kicked out of the top 12.

The podium positions were still locked up by Nannini, Fittipaldi, and Stanek. However, Smolyar also wanted to claim his piece of the cake and put a growing pressure on the shoulders of Stanek. In the meantime, Hauger pursued his ascent, overtaking Schumacher for the fifth position.

Finally, after a well-controlled race, Nannini claimed his first Formula 3 race win. Fittipaldi and Stanek completed the podium as Smolyar and Hauger both had notable performances.

Position DriverTeam
1NanniniHWA AG
2FittipaldiCharouz Racing System
3StanekHitech GP
4SmolyarART GP
5 HaugerPrema
7Colombo Campos Racing
8 Novalak Trident
9 Sargeant Charouz Racing System
10 Iwasa Hitech GP
11 Leclerc Prema
12ColletMP Motorsports
2021 Hungarian Grand Prix – Formula 3 race 2

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