Ferrari broke the curfew to work on Carlos Sainz’s car. The Spaniard got his engine replaced overnight but will get away with it without a penalty.

For the second time of the season, Sainz got his power unit replaced. Drivers are authorized to replace their power unit as much as three times over the season before getting penalized. The Spaniard will continue to sleep peacefully this weekend as he will now use his third and last regulatory engine.

However, as Formula One has just settled in Hungary for the 11th Grand Prix out of the 23 scheduled on the 2021 calendar, Sainz will have to remain extremely cautious if he wants to carry his power unit intact until the end of the season.

The Ferrari power unit was closely monitored yesterday and the Maranello-based engineers have discovered an abnormal attitude of the machine after analyzing their data. To be able to approach the qualifying session with confidence, the Italian team decided to break the curfew for the first time of the season to replace the incriminated pieces overnight. This procedure is twice authorized over the course of an F1 season. 

This little boost should give Sainz a fresh impulsion ahead of today’s qualifying session. The 26-year-old will now give everything to beat his teammate after already showing great confidence in FP1, finishing the session in P4, 3 tenths ahead of Charles Leclerc.

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