Jost Capito admits that he wants to see his current driver George Russell at Mercedes next year.

The rumors regarding the second Mercedes seat for the next Formula 1 season keep going in the paddock, so more people share their thoughts regarding it. The Williams CEO and team principal Capito reveals that he would like to see Russell as Lewis Hamilton’s 2022 teammate, because he deserves it.

“I would wish that George gets the seat because he is in the position now, in his terms of [his] career where he can handle to be at an absolute top team and fight for the championship. And I would never hold a young driver back if he can have this kind of opportunity,” he said.

“So I hope, for him, that he gets this opportunity and from the team’s side, of course, we would very much love to keep him.

Capito also admits the team will support any decision made in terms of the young Briton’s future in F1.

“If he goes to Mercedes, if he gets the offer, he gets the full support from us and if not, he gets the full support from us as well. So and that’s why, on our driver side, we can easily wait until that decision is taken. Whatever way it comes, we’ll be okay,” he concluded.

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