Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff expressed his displeasure at Red Bull management following a failed attempt from Red Bull to review the penalty awarded to Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix.

The stewards noted and expressed their concern towards allegations made by Red Bull during Thursday’s hearing, to which Wolff responded, calling the statements “amateurish”.

“I think the comments that were made, surely out of emotion were directly against the seven-time world champion were amateurish,” Wolff said.

“I think there were some pretty, how can I say interesting comments made, but it is not for me to judge and I’m easy about it.”

Mercedes also released a statement, calling for Red Bull to stop tarnishing the sporting integrity of Hamilton. Wolff has also confirmed that he is yet to speak to his Red Bull counterpart regarding the matter, in an unsurprising revelation.

“It should have no place and what it brings out was an avalanche of comments in the social media, a lot of controversy and added to further polarisation and I think as a sport we should do the contrary. We should deescalate.”

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