Red Bull confirmed that Max Verstappen’s power unit was still “working as normal” after his Silverstone crash. The Dutch driver will continue to use the engine for the rest of the weekend.

Following a terrific accident at Copse during the 2021 British Grand Prix, Verstappen was brought to the hospital as his wrecked single-seater was photographed multiple times, testifying to the violence of the crash.

The 51g accident has obviously raised doubts about the integrity of the driver but also of his car. The condition of the Dutchman’s power unit was extremely worrying as a replacement of the part could have given the 23-year-old a hard time towards the end of the season.

Verstappen was already exploiting his second unit out of the three authorized over the course of an F1 season before getting penalized. Having to replace his Silverstone engine would have put Red Bull under the threat of a penalty for the rest of the season.

The two practice sessions of the Hungarian GP weekend allowed Red Bull to carry out additional checks to definitively confirm that the engine was still usable. Honda’s technical director, Toyoharu Tanabe was happy to confirm that the Japanese power unit was thankfully still working as it should.

“It was good to see that Max is not suffering any ill effects from the Silverstone crash and we were able to check that the PU that he used in the British GP weekend is working as normal,” Tanabe said.

Now that Verstappen was given the green light to fully trust his power unit, the title battle is ready to resume its course as Red Bull and Mercedes once again seem ridiculously close to each other at the approach of the qualifying session.

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