Carlos Sainz supposes that the Hungaroring heat might have caused a bad impact for Ferrari on Friday.

The Ferrari driver started the day with P4 in FP1 but ended it only 12th in FP2. Sainz has no idea what has happened in the afternoon but admits that it has been a “strange” day for the team.

“Yes, it was a bit of a strange one. I guess in FP1 we were quite happy with how everything went then FP2 was a bit of a weird one because the car didn’t feel any worse, or it didn’t feel particularly bad, it’s just that the others managed to be improved,” the Spaniard said.

“As with an even hotter track temperature, we went a bit backwards. Something there to analyze. Something there to look into. Hopefully by tomorrow there looks like a risk of rain and a bit of cloud coverage and all of a sudden everything can mix up again.”

Sainz would like to have cooler weather throughout the rest of the weekend, including rain.

“I think I like it, first of all, and it should help. It should help everyone because the temperatures we were running in today make the Formula 1 cars and tires very, very on the limit but hopefully a bit more to us, I wish, at least,” he added.

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