Sergio Perez has said he wants to remain at Red Bull next year, saying there is “no reason” for him to look elsewhere.

Amid some rather unfounded speculation about Perez’s future at Red Bull, the Mexican has said he thinks his 2022 home will be alongside Max Verstappen. The Baku winner has also said he does not really want to move team, believing there is no reason for him to do so.

“Obviously, the sooner you know your future the better,” he said. “But I’m in a very comfortable position within the team, within my future. There is nothing to worry about. I think by Belgium, I will know my future. I’m comfortable with how things are and no reason to look elsewhere.

“The overall picture, I would have liked to be bigger in points, wins, in podiums. But generally speaking, I think I’ve brought a lot with the team. It was a target in the first couple of races to get to know each other and the car.

“Overall, results have been not great in one way. But in the other, the pace is better than it looks. It’s very small margins here and there. If we are able to find them, all of a sudden, our season can be transformed. In that perspective, it’s really good.”

Perez will hope for a return to form in Hungary, where Formula 1 is this weekend.

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