Extreme E recently confirmed that there will be an Island X Prix in Sardinia, Italy, from 23-24 October following the postponement of events previously planned for, in Brazil and Argentina due to COVID-19 concerns.

The event in Sardinia, which will now be the fourth event in the debut season, replaced the Argentinean event with organizers yet to finalize the replacement for the Brazillian event, which was originally scheduled for 11-12 December.

Extreme E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag said, “I am pleased to confirm that Extreme E is finalizing plans to hold an Island X-Prix in Sardinia, Italy and that we are delighted to have the support of Sardinian president Christian Solinas, and the Automobile Club d’Italia as we plan our first European event.”

“Extreme E was built around the ethos of racing electric vehicles in remote environments in an effort to raise awareness for climate change issues and showcase the performance and benefits of low carbon vehicles.”

“It is becoming increasingly noticeable closer to home, across North America, and here across Europe, with rising temperatures, heatwaves, and wildfires, which currently rage in Sardinia itself, being some of the latest devastating examples.”

Extreme E’s Scientific Committee, comprised of leading academics from the University of Oxford and Cambridge, was designed to work closely with the hosts of every event to advise on the series’ education and research programs. In addition, the committee recommends initiatives that have a positive influence on the local communities, pertaining to the environment.

Dr. Richard Washington, Professor of Climate Science at the University of Oxford, was a founding member of the Scientific Committee and expressed Extreme E’s commitment towards a world less reliant on carbon emissions.

“Ultimately, the driver of all this is climate change. To reduce the devastation, we need to stem the driver of that change and that means cutting carbon emissions,” Dr. Washington explained.

“Extreme E is at the forefront of the drive towards a better future, a new way of doing things, and a world that does not rely on deadly carbon emissions.”

The Island X Prix marks the first European event in Extreme E, having so far held events in Saudi Arabia and Senegal. President of the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) Angelo Sticchi Damiani expressed the satisfaction of the ACI being involved in Extreme E, stating that it will support the development of Extreme E.

“As usual ACI has played a fundamental role in the birth of this event and will follow by supporting in its development,” Damiani commented.

“The ACI, the region of Sardinia, and Alejandro Agag are working together on an agreement to host an Extreme E event. A championship for off-road cars conceived by the FIA International Automobile Federation and dedicated exclusively to electric SUVs, which will take place in Sardinia on 23 and 24 October 2021.”

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