Christian Horner has explained why Alex Albon has been used in the request to review the British GP crash.

Some of the evidence that Red Bull has used while lodging the request to review the crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen two weeks ago was the data provided by Albon. The team principal Horner revealed what were the purposes of using the reserve driver in the investigation and that it had nothing to do with a media day at Silverstone.

“The test was pre-planned from prior to the event because it was a promotional filming day with obviously a two-year-old car,” he said.

“It’s a way of keeping our reserve driver also sharp and race ready. That day had been planned for some time, it wasn’t put on specifically for the re-enactment.

“What we did during the course of the test was ask Alex to drive a similar line to backup the simulations that we conducted within our simulation tools, including the driver simulator, to demonstrate the outcome of driving that line and the necessity to where your braking point would need to be.

“We couldn’t achieve the speed that Lewis did on that line. In terms of conditions, obviously, it was pretty similar. And it was just a useful piece of data to reaffirm what we’d seen in all of our simulations.”

Horner also admits that he does not regret putting that much effort into developing the request.

“We felt that having looked at the data from the accident, and the severity of the accident, that there was data that wasn’t available at the time of the stewards making their decision. So we presented that data to the stewards,” he commented.

“They gave us a fair hearing yesterday where we talk through that data, the positioning of the cars, the speed of the cars; the fact that Lewis would have had to have braked 23 meters earlier to have even made the corner, the fact that Max was on the same trajectory and identical to that of Charles Leclerc – and that the result with Charles would have been identical had Lewis taken the same approach.

“So we presented that data, we feel that we had a fair hearing. The stewards felt that it wasn’t new evidence under the confines of the regulations and so it wasn’t opened into another hearing – so we accept that.

“This competition is all about marginal gains and leaving no stone unturned. Of course when you have an accident of that velocity and impact, then, of course, you’re going to make a full investigation.

“But as far as we’re concerned, the chapter is now closed, the stewards have made their ruling, and we will now very much focus on this weekend and the remaining part of the championship.”

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