Wolff believes teams will have disadvantage in 2022 if they

2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Friday – Steve Etherington. Credits: Daimler.

Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff, said that the teams that are still developing the current cars will have issues closing the gap to the other outfits next season.

Many teams have already confirmed that their work to develop the current car has been stopped to fully focus on the new 2022 cars since there will be a major regulation change next year.

Stop working on the current cars is not a tough decision for the teams that are sitting in the lower part of the standings since they have nothing to lose, and they can have an advantage next year. However, for the outfits like Mercedes or Red Bull that are fighting for the title, it is not easy to stop developing the 2021 car. That is because there is the risk to lose the title fight.

Red Bull decided to bring upgrades at almost every Grand Prix, while Mercedes brought fewer new parts, but when it did there were many of them in the span of just one weekend.

Wolff admitted that his team does not have any problem accepting that Red Bull might be faster in the second part of the season since it might bring new upgrades. Moreover, he is sure that stop developing the current car is the right decision to be competitive next year.

“You need to look also in 2022,” Wolff told Motorsport.com. “Because unless you’re having some magic wand, you will be at a deficit next year.

“So I believe that most of the teams have stopped development for 2021. But if they continue to push for 2021, that certainly is going to give them an advantage [this year].”

On the other hand, Christian Horner believes that even though Red Bull is still working on the 2021 car, the team will not be disadvantaged next year.

“You’ve got to go week by week, race by race and I think the team’s doing a great job of balancing the challenges of this year and next year,” he explained recently about the potential to not risk its 2022 efforts.

“It’s nothing new. I mean a lot is being made of it at the moment, but we’ve had big regulation changes in the past so you have got to balance your resource and apply it to what needs the most. I think the team is working incredibly hard, extremely well, and effectively.”

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