No rule can stop racing incidents like Verstappen, Hamilton one

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing. British Grand Prix, Saturday 17th July 2021. Silverstone, England. Credits: Williams image gallery

George Russell and Mclaren’s Daniel Ricciardo do not believe that rules are key to preventing racing incidents like the one between Hamilton and Verstappen.

Russell had spoken out earlier in the week that the FIA’s penalty system was harsh and believes it will change the perception of racing on track amongst other drivers, including himself. He substantiated his earlier remark by explaining that the clash between the championship leaders at the British GP was nothing but a racing incident.

Ricciardo also shared a similar opinion, however, he believes that in instances such as this it would be difficult to blame either driver simply because of the modern F1 car’s structure.

“We know just through the years of racing and the experience that we have.

“Especially in these cars, there is a point where you don’t see, there are blind spots where the cars, a quarter of the way on the inside. We’re aware that the chance of the car being there is probably pretty high, so we’re always going to leave room for one car if there’s a car there.

“Watching Max’s onboard, there was room on the inside. Of course, they are racing hard and, but I would still say hard but fair through those phases of corners.

“I didn’t really see anything out of line with the incident itself. Obviously, the consequence was really the big talking point.

“But I think deep down all of us know racing etiquette, and when to squeeze when not, so I think we’re pretty clear with that.”

Russell’s reasoning differed from the Australian’s as he felt that there are incidents that occur on a track that enters a gray zone. He supported this by saying that Verstappen offered Hamilton an opportunity to get past and he took it. He was unable to find note any untoward driving by either driver.

Russell shared his opinion on the incident with “There is no sort of rules in that aspect, I would say, that can say who is right or who is wrong because it’s just one of those things.

“Sometimes there is no right or wrong. It’s just a racing incident.

“Lewis is one of the cleanest and fairest racers out there, always. And there was nothing malicious in the attempt because there was a clear opportunity.

“Obviously the consequences were huge and I’m very glad to see Max was relatively fine following the crash. These racing incidents are difficult to adjudicate.

“I don’t think there needs to be anything any clearer in that specific scenario, because it was, for me, just purely a racing incident.”

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