Hamilton believes his respect to Verstappen “isn’t reciprocated”

Formula One – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, British GP 2021. Lewis Hamilton. Credits: Daimler.

Lewis Hamilton confirmed that he had called Max Verstappen in an attempt to mitigate the tension between the two drivers. However, the Briton has now revealed that Verstappen does not feel the same.

Given Verstappen’s DNF and Hamilton’s race win, the gap between the two championship protagonists is back at 8 points. Hamilton is glad their upgrade in Silverstone showed the results that they were expecting and hopes to bridge the championship gap to Verstappen.

“A lot of amazing work went on and firstly we just have to really lift up the guys, the whole team, back at the factory working constantly to improve our car. The step that we brought in terms of the improvements was amplified by the work to support that.

“I still think that they’re slightly ahead. We definitely didn’t bring the gap upgrade that you’ve seen in some of the other races before that. So, in places like here, there’s potential that they still have the upper hand. But I think we can still give them a hard time in terms of sticking with them. So, we still have work to do to really either pull level with them or pull ahead.”

Soon after the race and on Thursday, Verstappen shared his disappointment over Hamilton’s post-race celebrations at the British GP. The Briton has restated his stance saying that he was unaware of his colleague being at the hospital. Hamilton has also explained why he was unaware: “There’s not a huge amount to add really. As I said at the last race, I saw on the screen that he got out of the car and he looked okay, and then I was told that he was fine.”

“So I wasn’t aware until the media press conference afterwards that he had visited the hospital, and none of us ever want to see another driver injured or in harm’s way, or put a driver in harm’s way.

“But yeah, our focus is solely on this weekend. I did give Max a call after the race to just check if he was okay and let him know that the respect is still there, but obviously, it’s perhaps not reciprocated but that’s okay.”

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