Pierre Gasly is sure that Red Bull will decide his future in Formula 1.

After his demotion to Toro Rosso/AlphaTauri in 2019, the Frenchman had a solid stretch, which included his first career win at last year’s Italian GP. His consistent performance caused debates regarding his possible comeback to Red Bull Racing. Gasly himself thinks that they will decide his next destination in F1.

“I think it’s pretty clear on my end,” he said. “It’s in Red Bull’s hands and Max has signed for next year in the top team. Sergio, I think, has a one-year contract, so we’ll see what happens and then what we do going forward together.

“I’m obviously contracted with them for some more time and I’m pretty confident we will get some answers at some point during the summer break or after the summer break.”

The AlphaTauri driver has also shared the details of the discussions he has had with Red Bull.

“I think they want a leader in AlphaTauri to push the team forward and really try to bring this team up and I think there is a great working relationship now and a real will to push AlphaTauri forward,” Gasly added.

“Obviously, as a driver, you always want to be in the best car and fighting for the best position and that’s what we are discussing.

“But, ultimately on my side, I’m only focusing on performing weekend after weekend, race after race, and, and showing my potential and it’s in their hands whether they want me to step up or whether they are happy with the pair they are having and it depends on how Sergio is performing and how they are planning the future of AlphaTauri.

“We’re discussing a lot of things. I think generally it’s really positive. It’s always better when there is communication and things are going well. But at the moment there is no more answer than that but I expect some more news over the next few weeks.”

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