Yuki Tsunoda admitted that the Silverstone GP was very useful since he learned a lot about tire management, and it will be helpful in future races.

It has been a season of ups and downs for Yuki so far, but it seems that he is steadily improving his pace with his AlphaTauri. Of course, the new weekend format at Silverstone meant it was not going to be easy for him to adapt due to the only free practice session before qualifying.

Despite struggling both in qualifying and during the Sprint Race, Tsunoda managed to finish in the points position also thanks to a great strategy.

“I think for the tire management, I was really good,” he said when asked by Motorsport.com about his race. “I think last Austria I was saving too much and I was just too slow.

“I tried to improve this for Silverstone, and in the first stint I pushed flat out almost, and especially after the second stint I changed to hard tire, but with a little bit more tire management, and that worked well. So I just keep that experience and use it for the future.”

Moreover, Tsuonda admitted being happy to score one point despite having to face the challenges of the new format.

“I was happy to get a point,” he said. “Those last three or five laps the position was changing a lot. But yeah, overall the different format made it difficult, one free practice and then straight to qualifying, which I had never experienced in Silverstone.

“It was quite a tough race week. And having a tricky qualifying due to the traffic, I couldn’t do a proper lap, but in the end, we were able to get a point which we wanted, so I’m happy.”

Yuki also said that he struggled quite a lot when he followed other cars, but when he was in clean air the balance of the car was decent. Plus, he added that the team needs to work to have more overtakes, but the rest is pretty good.

“Free air is really good, I think. In free air, I was always having a quite neutral balance. But as soon as I got dirty air I was having an inconsistent balance a lot, and I was struggling to drive properly.

“We have to work hard there to have more overtakes or whatever, but that’s the main limitation for now.

“I just focused on my tire management. I had very good confidence in this Silverstone tire management. So I just tried to stick to the plan and I expected it was going to be tough for following the car behind, so I tried to manage the tires as much as possible.

“When I got free air I just tried to push as much as I could, and that worked well for the strategy, especially the first stint.”

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