McLaren boss Zak Brown believes Formula 1 will not have a sponsor crisis if the sport reverted back to loud engines.

Discussions are currently ongoing for the 2025 F1 engine formula, which will lay out the basis of Formula 1 engines in the mid-to-long term future. Red Bull has been a proponent of making the engines louder, which some fear may drive sponsors away.

Brown, however, is one who believes otherwise. He thinks there will be no mass sponsor loss if F1 became loud, as it was a few decades back.

“What’s most important is that Formula 1 is sustainable,” Brown said. “You can get there a variety of different ways and I do not think sponsors, as long as Formula 1 is sustainable, are concerned over how you get to sustainability.”

“So if it’s an ICE unit with sustainable fuels, or if it’s electric or hybrid, the important thing is that Formula 1 is cutting edge technology and that sustainability is critically important to the sport and the world.”

“I think what’s important to the corporate partners is sustainability. I think they are less concerned about what the product is to get you there. But we do have to take into consideration the OEMs because they’re a massive part of the sport, huge contributors, and we need them.”

McLaren sit third in the title heading into Hungary this weekend.

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