Russell misses feeling of racing in front of grid

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing. British Grand Prix, Saturday 17th July 2021. Silverstone, England. Credits: Williams Racing.

George Russell admits that he misses the emotions and pressure a driver faces while racing in front.

In his Formula 1 career, the young Briton has not had the opportunity to compete for the top positions, except for the 2020 Sakhir GP, where he was replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. He admits that he misses the feeling of being upfront and that he is ready to drive for the top team.

“I think every single race you do, you are more prepared. Right now I feel ready and confident in myself, in my ability,” he told RTL.

“I’ve missed this excitement and pressure of racing at the front and this is what I’ve lived of. For me, 2019, racing with no pressure was such a strange feeling, because I was completely on my own with Robert [Kubica], my teammate at that time.”

Russell also believes that he will only benefit from the additional pressure.

“The last two years I’ve had a small feeling of this pressure, which is what I love and like at Silverstone, this high-pressure situation is what I thrive on. In Bahrain last year as well, when I drove with Mercedes. I feel like I perform better in these situations.

“I want to find myself in this position again, because I feel ready to be fighting with the guys, with who I fought with through my whole career. I battled with Max [Verstappen], with Charles [Leclerc, Esteban [Ocon], Lando [Norris] in my whole junior career.

“The only one which would be new would be fighting obviously Lewis [Hamilton] because he is obviously one of the greats.”

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