Red Bull has lodged a case to reopen the investigation over Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s crash at the British GP. Helmut Marko has confirmed that they possess new evidence which was unavailable when the decision was made.

The crash occurred on lap 1 as both drivers were heading into Copse. The Dutchman suffered a 51G impact and was sent to the hospital to undergo medical checks. The collision cost Hamilton a 10-second penalty which was far from preventing his race win given his pace at Silverstone.

Understandably, the 10-second penalty was hit back with significant amounts of criticism and forced Red Bull and the FIA to review the case once again.

The Red Bull motorsports advisor Marko believes that the new investigation should result in Hamilton getting a bigger punishment.

“A penalty that would have prevented a victory would be appropriate. So drive-through or a ban at the next race, something along those lines,” he said. “But that’s up to the stewards. First of all, we are very happy that this reopening has happened. And we will now see how they judge it.”

Marko also thinks that new data will change the understanding of the incident.

“But I think that what we bring forward will put it in a slightly different light,” he added.

“Those facts will be brought forward on Thursday, and we hope that that will [result in] a reassessment because we still think that this penalty was too lenient for Hamilton.”

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