Steiner believes Schumacher and Mazepin understand F1’s challenges

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal of Uralkali Haas F1 Team, Sunday at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 2021 Credits: Haas media gallery

Haas drivers Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin are both rookies in F1. Guenther Steiner, team principal, has revealed that the duo has understood the challenges of driving in F1.

Steiner explained that the team’s current objective is getting a strong understanding of their car with the help of data. For this, the team will need to allow their drivers time on track. Unfortunately for the American team, F1 has significantly reduced testing for next season’s cars. Steiner reflected on this: “With reduced testing, it’s very important. It’s a big change in general next year and we need to get our own understanding and data.”

He also spoke about the development that he had seen in his drivers and said that they understood the level of performance required in F1.

“Both of them have realized how intense and difficult a sport Formula 1 is when you get there.

“It doesn’t compare with anything else in racing and that’s why it’s the pinnacle of motorsport. That’s the personal side. On the driving side, you learn that you’re racing with the best people in the world.”

While the team currently consists of two rookie drivers, Steiner is determined to see them reach their full potential in the team. After testing the 18-inch Pirelli tires at Silverstone, Steiner has stressed the importance of understanding the new tires for the drivers and reiterated the team’s seriousness to being a midfield team once again.

“I think they’re making good progress but I’m sure there is more to come from them.

“The drivers need to get a taste of the new tires, get a feeling, and give us feedback of what they think.

“We are a serious team and this is a part of it to get prepared for the future. As we all know, we’re working very hard on 2022 to get us back to where we were – we need to do this – and it’s worth every bit of effort to get there. For the drivers to get a feel, and for the team to get some data, it’s very valuable information”

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