In light of the damages inflicted on Max Verstappen’s RB16B following the opening lap incident with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone, Red Bull formally filed a petition requesting the right to review the penalty awarded to Hamilton.

While the stewards awarded Hamilton a 10-second penalty for being predominantly at fault at the incident at Copse, Red Bull filed a petition seeking for the decision to be reviewed, due to the severity of the damages caused to Verstappen’s car, when the pair collided.

It is estimated that the incident costed Red Bull 1.5 Million Euros, which is a huge burden to carry in the cost-cap era, as echoed by Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner.

Red Bull had until this Saturday, July 31st, to lodge such a request with the stewards. At the next Grand Prix, the stewards will make their decision after Red Bull presents at least one significant and relevant new element that was unavailable for consideration by the stewards at the time of the decision.

“In accordance with Art. 14 of the International Sporting Code, and following the petition for review by Red Bull Racing Honda, lodged on the 23 July 2021,” said the summons document from the stewards, “the Team Manager and such witnesses as the Competitor may request, up to three attendees in total including the Team Manager, are required to appear via video conference at 16:00hrs CEST on Thursday, 29 July 2021.”

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