Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said he hopes Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will battle fairly, though he thinks more clashes are on the way.

F1 2021 turned ugly in Britain when Verstappen and Hamilton came together on lap 1. The eventual outcome of the clash in terms of racing fairness will be uncovered in Hungary this weekend, though Wolff is pessimistic about the respect the two will give.

“It certainly will not be the last time they fight for position,” Wolff said. “Hopefully they can do it in a sportsmanlike way. And, if not, we will see more collisions.”

“I think part of Hamilton’s success is not only his racecraft but also his maturity. Long-term strategy is important in order to win championships because you need to score points.”

“It has come to a situation that ceding a track position has been part of the pattern of the last few races. This time neither of them conceded and it ended up in a heavy collision.”

Formula 1 returns this weekend for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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