Saudi Arabia’s main sponsors have confirmed they’ve met with some drivers over the human rights concerns for the race.

After the announcement of a Saudi Arabian Grand Prix this year, many drivers have been concerned about the lack of women’s and gay rights in the country and the lack of press freedom. Lewis Hamilton has been the main flagbearer of the argument, and he was one of the drivers Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal met with at Silverstone.

Prince Khalid has said he met with a few select drivers and told them to experience the country themselves before making an opinion, adding that the country is much more respectful now than in the past.

“I met at Silverstone with a couple of drivers,” he said. “I’m not going to name their names, but Lewis Hamilton wasn’t one of them. I addressed their concerns and I spoke with them openly.”

“I said, listen, I’m not going to tell you anything, you come to Saudi Arabia and you see it, and if you want to come here before the race, you can come, and you judge by yourself. Whatever I say about my country, it’s better for you to come and see it yourself, meet with the local people, and then you can have your opinion.”

“You can come and have a chance to see our country freely, and then you can say your opinion about our country because we’re confident about what we progress and where we are going.”

It is true that under the leadership of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, human rights violations have become fewer, though there is still a way to go for the country. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is scheduled for December 5, the penultimate round of the year.

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