Alberto Puig, the Honda MotoGP team boss, stated that some people forgot how fast and strong Marc Marquez is after his injury last year.

At the start of the 2020 season, Marquez suffered a nasty crash and he had to undergo three surgeries before starting his recovery. Due to that, he lost the entire 2020 season and only came back in 2021.

Despite coming back, it was not easy for him to adapt to the bike and perform well after the three surgeries. He also said that he lacked power in his right arm.

The Spaniard won the German GP and made a great recovery at Assen, finishing seventh. That showed that Marquez is quickly recovering from last year’s injury.

On the matter, spent some words Puig, who admitted that Marquez’ recovery was not easy and very difficult, but his “potential is far from the rest” despite the difficulties after the three surgeries. 

“I think for a while some people forgot who Marc Marquez is,” Puig told

“I’m not a guy who reads a lot of these newspapers and news, I’m not so interested, but from what I hear from our press manager there have been some strange comments in the past regarding his comeback, his possibilities.

“I don’t know if they understood the level of the rider that this is. Marc’s comeback has been more difficult than expected due to the injury and what happened.

“What he is doing in the current situation is amazing, because‚Ķ I would not say he is riding with one arm, but with one arm and a half.

“He is not 100% physically, so I think that only one rider can do it and it’s him.

“I do not speak as a Honda team manager, but as an ex-rider, I think his potential is far from the rest.”

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