DS Techeetah driver and current Formula E World Champion Antonio Felix da Costa slammed Porsche’s Andre Lotterer after the pair collided on the pit straight, with the former calling Lotterer a “sore loser”.

While the Porsche driver was handed a drive-through penalty for his shunt, da Costa was effectively out of the race and lost his chance of regaining the lead in the championship, slipping to fifth in the standings.

Da Costa closed the gap to Lotterer with the 35kW attack mode and was on the verge of passing him, till the latter squeezed da Costa against the wall, leading to a front-left suspension failure.

The incident led to tensions in the air, as da Costa reckoned apologies were enough and called Lotterer unfit to race in Formula E after the incident forced da Costa into retirement from the race.

“You cannot represent a brand like that. This is a world championship you cannot drive have those driving standards here,” da Costa said.

“On top of all of that, we would have been in the points today. I’ll give him the chance [to apologize] but there’s only one word he can say. If he says sorry then it’s fine.”

Lotterer also got penalized with two penalty race license points, following additional shunts in the first races in Rome and Valencia this season which led to a total of eight such penalty points for the Porsche driver.

“I overtook so many cars in that manner with attack mode into Turn 1. Everyone was so respectful for the whole of both races, apart from Andre,” da Costa explained.

“[It was going well] until you find a sore loser. That’s what it is.”

Lotterer, however, was bewildered by da Costa’s comments and explained the incident from his perspective. In addition, he also expressed his frustration at criticism targeting his driving.

“He actually touched me first and then touched the wall. He could have gone on the right side with the over speed he had,” Lotterer commented.

“I defended from da Costa and he lunged it and there was clearly not the space.

“In Rome, I come from behind and they blame me. Now I’m in front, they blame me. I don’t know how they judge these things sometimes,” Lotterer concluded.

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